Pete's "How To" guide to egg tempera painting

Pete's long-awaited beginner's guide to painting using egg tempera is now available to download.
Whenever I have given demonstrations of egg tempera painting people are fascinated that you can do such amazing things with egg yolks, water and coloured dirt. Many have never even heard of egg tempera, and very rarely do I come across anyone who has ever tried it. So after 20 years of messing around with it I have finally got round to writing a short guide. Maybe one day it will grow into a book. At this point it doesn't go into too much detail, but it's a thing you really learn by doing. So this is just an introduction to the medium, how to make it, equipment, supports, pigments etc. and instructions for preparing painting panels like the ones I make myself. It's not difficult, has many endearing qualities, and you may learn to love it too. Download it right here: Pete Swann guide to egg tempera