The Art of Understanding Art

The Art of Understanding Art

My favourite all-purpose introduction to art.
The Art of Understanding Art

"This is a remarkable book which sets out to explain the entire world of art in a clear and accessible way, sweeping aside centuries of obfuscation and confusion. The countless -isms & -ologies fall into place as Mr. Moss raises our perspective from the individual elements of creativity, artist, artwork, viewer, critic, dealer, academic, etc and integrates the whole lot into a seamless process which makes sense of all art in all places at all times. Whatever your situation in relation to art, read this book (it is also beautifully illustrated!)".

I wrote that review of The Art of Understanding Art on Amazon in January, shortly after discovering the book. If you've ever felt confused or intimidated by the art world, or wanted to understand it better but found it inaccessible, then try reading this.

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